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CoderDojo ABQ is possible thanks to volunteers in the community. We are always looking for help.

Quelab Member Sponsors

Sponsors are Quelab members who are willing to come to Quelab during the CoderDojo sessions and sponsor the guests attending. They may be mentors or parents or they may be working on their own projects during that time. The number of tickets available is dependent upon the number of Quelab members who sponsor a session.

If you are a Quelab member willing to sponsor CoderDojo, please register as a sponsor or e-mail me at CoderDojoAlbuquerque (at) and let me know what session(s) you can attend.


Technical mentors are available at CoderDojo sessions to help the kids with any problems they run into, answer questions and/or lead a lesson in something new.

If you are interested in mentoring let us know. The level of commitment is up to you. It could be a series of classes on JavaScript, helping a few kids learn about the Raspberry Pis or coming every session to help out. The level of commitment is up you.

E-mail us at CoderDojoAlbuquerque (at) gmail dot com if you are interested.