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CoderDojo ABQ is a free, volunteer led coding club for youth ages 7 - 17. Youth of any skill level are welcome to attend learn how to code, advance their skill, build games, web pages, program microcontrollers, and increase their computer literacy.

CoderDojo is based on peer-to-peer mentoring and sharing, project based learning, and an open environment. Technical mentors are available to teach and help kids further their knowledge.

Learn more about the CoderDojo movement.


A parent or guardian must attend and stay on site. You are welcome to participate or not.


Each student will need a laptop and charger. We may have some laptops available to share, but this is not set at this time. If you don't have a laptop see if you can borrow one from a friend or family member. You can also bring a tablet to get started.

Still can't get one? Don't let that stop you from programming, if we can't find one for you to use we can team you up for some pair programming.


There is no required attendance. Come to every session or come when you need help or want to learn more, just make sure you register


All attendees need to register in advance. We have limited space and need to ensure we stay within our limits.